Tuesday, July 03, 2007

All of our grandkids

It was SO wonderful to have all six of our grandkids together this past Sunday, July 1, 2007, to help us celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. We could never have imagined all those years ago on our wedding day that this is what we would have now; we were kids ourselves back then. Now it's hard to believe that we have six kids and six grandkids! That was the best anniversary gift we could ever receive; our kids have given us the joy of being grandparents to all six extraordinary children. We couldn't love them more, and still wish they were all here all the time. Thank you Tara & Tim, Jacob & Jenny, and Marshall & Catalina! EVERYONE'S hard work has paid off! You have all done an exemplary job with your kids, and you deserve the credit! Our family ROCKS!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

'American Girl Place' Trip

Tuesday June 26, Autumn and I went down to "The Grove" next to Farmer's Market in L.A. It's a very upscale mall were the American Girl store is located. That's where we were headed!

First, we had a very whimsical lunch in the Cafe.

Then we went shopping and bought 'Kirsten' for Autumn, and the Bitty Baby Twins for Emma and Jaxon. (Not to mention a music CD, a book, and accessories for Kirsten!)

And of course, no trip to AG is complete without a trip to the salon! Kit got a new hair style and a body wash with painted toenails.

OK, we've spent enough money here. Better go. Bye for now, AG!!

After AG, we took a trolley ride around the mall (The Grove). It took us to the Farmer's Market, but we didn't disembark. We were too tired, so we rode it back to the mall.

Next, we took the Bitty Babies home to Jaxon and Emma. They LOVED them!!! The boy and girl doll twins have dark hair and eyes just like Jaxon and Emma.

Jaxon named his doll "Jaxon"!

Kiss the baby, Emma!

Macaroni & Cheese

Here's a little video of Autumn and Emma having lunch yesterday. As you will see, Autumn finishes quite quickly, and Emma takes her time practicing her 'spoon-to-mouth' maneuvers.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ahh...the good ol' Slip 'n Slide!

Summer fun in J&J's backyard!

A Hibbert Photo Shoot

Jenny wanted to give her dad some family photos for Father's Day, so I shot these in our backyard. They turned out well, and Alf loved them!

An Early Father's Day

Marshall had to work on Father's Day, so we went out for lunch at El Torrito's on Saturday.
We had a BBQ at J&J's on Sunday, for the rest of the dads. An entire weekend of parties!

A family dinner!

We were finally all together at dinner time (no events, trips, dinners out, Net Jam, parties, or sleeping children) so I made lubia polo for the kids. Just like the old days...I am so happy to have "my" kids back...even if for just a little while. I set up the tripod and took this picture to remember our summertime together, and pretend that it will never end. I hope we can do this every summer, and that Will can someday come, too.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Goo-Goo Gaa-Gaa

Jeremy, June 2, 2007

How cute is this??? This kid goo's and gaa's so much, I think he's going to talk before he walks! He's already very talkative, just like his mama. And a very happy baby, too. Nice for a first child, what a sweety pie. Oh, you wanna see? OK, the video is next!